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Cleaning & Protection

Black Trade Gloves L (Pair)

539 in stock

SKU: STK000923
£2.20 ex-vat £2.64 inc-vat

Cleaning & Protection

Carpet Protector Roll & Stroll

33 in stock

SKU: STK000490
£92.89 ex-vat £111.47 inc-vat

Decorating & Protection

10kg Gyproc Easi-fill

170 in stock

SKU: STK000669
£23.80 ex-vat £28.56 inc-vat

Decorating & Protection

1L Everbuild Contractors PVA

7 in stock

SKU: STK000468
£15.05 ex-vat £18.06 inc-vat

Decorating & Protection

500ml Everbuild Wallpaper Stripper

33 in stock

SKU: STK000472
£8.74 ex-vat £10.49 inc-vat

Decorating & Protection

2″ Gaffa Tape (Black)

7356 in stock

SKU: STK000018
£2.80 ex-vat £3.36 inc-vat

Decorating & Protection

310ml Bond-It GP200 White

2714 in stock

SKU: STK000053
£6.03 ex-vat £7.24 inc-vat

Cleaning & Protection

Orange Trade Gloves XL (Pair)

293 in stock

SKU: STK000050
£2.10 ex-vat £2.52 inc-vat


Safety Glasses (Plastic)

191 in stock

SKU: STK000962
£4.85 ex-vat £5.82 inc-vat

Adhesive, Grout & Self-Leveling

25KG Everbuild 708 Self Level

20 in stock

SKU: STK000476
£25.35 ex-vat £30.42 inc-vat

Crown Trade

5lt Crown Trade Vinyl Silk Magnolia

71 in stock

SKU: STK000261

Crown Trade

5lt Crown Trade Timonox Upgrade Basecoat

In Stock
SKU: STK000301

Crown Trade

Crown Trade Fungicidal Solution

In Stock
SKU: STK000276

Crown Trade

Crown Trade T-Wash

In Stock

Crown Trade

5lt Crown Trade Oil Eggshell Magnolia

In Stock
SKU: STK000249

Crown Trade

2.5lt Crown Trade Wood Primer

In Stock
SKU: STK000227
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