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Door Closers

Latch Packs

In Stock
SKU: STK001352
£13.56 ex-vat £16.27 inc-vat

Door Closers

Privacy Packs

In Stock
SKU: STK001284
£19.23 ex-vat £23.08 inc-vat

Fire Rated Hinges

102x76x2.7mm SC Steel Ball Hinge Grade 11

236 in stock

SKU: STK000510
£8.08 ex-vat £9.70 inc-vat

Fire Rated Hinges

3″ Steel Butt Hinge BZP 2 Pack (14936)

201 in stock

SKU: STK000511
£2.45 ex-vat £2.94 inc-vat

Door Closers

Gripperrods M11.3A Threshold Strip

55 in stock

SKU: STK001345
£16.16 ex-vat £19.39 inc-vat
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