About Redec Industrial

Mission Statement
To exceed any government, commercial and industrial sector’s critical business requirement or deadline and provide exceptional professional service standards.

Corporate Responsibility
“Making good business sense” is a continuing commitment by Redec Industrial Limited, ensuring we contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce, as well as the local community and society at large. Up to date product information allows us to make key business decisions and provide a good basis for day to day activities. Our agenda is the management of people and processes, also the impact on society and working towards a better place for all of us.

Social Responsibility
Our social responsibilities at Redec Industrial Limited provide us with a good frame work on how we carry out our business. At Redec the welfare of the society and environment is utmost and providing our clients with the right product is essential. All our products can be backed up by Technical and Safety data sheets, ensuring as safe an environment as possible

Case Studies

Buildbase are one of the UK’s fastest growing builder’s merchants and part of the Grafton Group PLC working for local authorities, housing associations, facilities and utilities companies. Through these companies Redec Industrial were able to implement, supply and meet the requirements that they needed for a particular problem.

Helping new tenants in their new homes with a “Starter Pack”. Most of us know what it’s like to find something that’s packed away in the moving process or simply just forgetting something.

Idea/Solution: – The “Welcome Pack”
It is very difficult to supply every new tenant with every need, so it was decided that a “Welcome Pack” would cater for most needs. A handy sized plastic container with necessities, like, Tea, Coffee, Toilet Tissue, Washing Up Liquid, Cleaning Sprays, Cloths, Bin Liners, and a Dust Pan & Brush were all put in. Clients can also tailor these for a specific budget or requirement.

Having supplied these for other local authorities Redec Industrial are able to offer a suitable solution at a very cost effective price, resulting in happy tenants and customers alike. This is just one of many solutions Redec Industrial is able to offer.

Hackney Council provide service for the community and are committed to the strategic management of social housing. Over the years, local authorities have been committed to providing the best possible conditions for the community. Moving into a new home meant that most authorities would send in operatives to re-decorate properties often at inconvenient times or it was often found that operatives were unable to gain access to properties resulting in re-scheduling work, etc. An alternative to this would be to supply a new tenant with a “Decoration Pack” convenient, cost effective and labour saving in one.

Problem:- Supplying the right amount of paint in the right colour and at a convenient time.

Idea/Solution: – The “Decoration Pack”
Supplying too much paint wouldn’t be cost effective and not supplying enough would result in complaints. To combat this problem Redec Industrial Limited came up with basing the amount supplied in property size quantities, i.e., one Bedroom or Studio Flat/Apartment’s would be supplied with less than, say, a three Bedroom Flat/House. Proposal/Implementation Redec Industrial were able to supply the correct amount of paint, standard to requirement, i.e. Gloss, Undercoat and Matt White. Then offer a choice of colours for their walls. This would be supplied in either a Vinyl Matt or Vinyl Silk Finish (tenants’ choice). Necessary paperwork and form filling would be done via the local housing office, who would then send details to Redec , who would then book an appointment with the tenant when convenient for them. Hackney Homes are updated on a weekly basis in the form of a spreadsheet containing details of addresses supplied.

Positive Effect Redec Industrial understand that retail cost of paint and decorating materials would be too high, so to supply good quality trade paint (that is supported by the paint manufacturer) and materials would be far more cost effective with the added advantage of having it all delivered where and when the tenant(s) require.



Procurement support is aimed to help your organisation deliver a more enhanced service. We always stock a wide variety of products. In addition to this, Redec will also source virtually any other product for your organisation.

We can purchase a product on your behalf when you have no way to make a particular purchase through your normal supply chain. This is a useful service for one-off purchases with non regular suppliers or manufacturers.

Our sole purpose is to help you by supplying materials for those urgent customer requests, and getting product to site when you need it. This service is used by a whole host of our customers.