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5.5mm/6mm Plywood WBP

5.5mm/6mm Plywood WBP

190 in stock

SKU: STK000121
£25.05 ex-vat £30.06 inc-vat

9mm Moisture Resistant MDF

9mm Moisture Resistant MDF

60 in stock

SKU: STK000139
£52.27 ex-vat £62.72 inc-vat

45mm Plastic Architrave

45mm White Flat Back Architrave

145 in stock

SKU: STK000097
£12.02 ex-vat £14.42 inc-vat

Door Furniture

White Intumescent Strip

254 in stock

SKU: STK001062
£1.53 ex-vat £1.84 inc-vat

Cleaning & Protection

Floor Protection Fire Rated 2400 x 1200

128 in stock

SKU: STK001142
£7.09 ex-vat £8.51 inc-vat

65mm Plastic Architrave

65mm White Flat Back Architrave

141 in stock

SKU: STK000098
£14.60 ex-vat £17.52 inc-vat

95mm Plastic Architrave

95mm White Flat Back Architrave

104 in stock

SKU: STK000090
£17.89 ex-vat £21.47 inc-vat

150mm Window Board

150mm Fascia Capping Board

4 in stock

SKU: STK000085
£28.27 ex-vat £33.92 inc-vat

200mm Window Board

200mm Fascia Capping Board

18 in stock

SKU: STK000091
£37.82 ex-vat £45.38 inc-vat

300mm Window Board

300mm Fascia Capping Board

11 in stock

SKU: STK000078
£83.75 ex-vat £100.50 inc-vat

9mm Plywood WBP

9mm Plywood WBP

95 in stock

SKU: STK000129
£26.91 ex-vat £32.29 inc-vat

18mm Plywood WBP

18mm Plywood WBP

7 in stock

SKU: STK000131
£52.78 ex-vat £63.34 inc-vat

250mm Window Board

250mm Fascia Capping Board

15 in stock

SKU: STK000148
£44.16 ex-vat £52.99 inc-vat

21.5mm Floplast Waste Pipe

21.5mm 3mt Pipe Floplast (White)

40 in stock

SKU: STK000765
£6.10 ex-vat £7.32 inc-vat

40mm Floplast Waste Pipe

40mm 3mt Wastepipe (White) Floplast

37 in stock

SKU: STK000688
£11.90 ex-vat £14.28 inc-vat

32mm Floplast Waste Pipe

32mm 3mt Wastepipe (White) Floplast

52 in stock

SKU: STK000689
£9.69 ex-vat £11.63 inc-vat

Copper Pipe

15mm x 3 Metre Copper Pipe

896 in stock

SKU: STK000859
£9.78 ex-vat £11.74 inc-vat

Copper Pipe

22mm x 3 Metre Copper Pipe (Single)

377 in stock

SKU: STK000858
£19.55 ex-vat £23.46 inc-vat

32mm AquaFlow Waste Pipe

32mm 3mt Wastepipe (White) Aquaflow

52 in stock

SKU: STK000874
£8.86 ex-vat £10.63 inc-vat

40mm AquaFlow Waste Pipe

40mm 3mt Wastepipe (White) Aquaflow

79 in stock

SKU: STK000873
£10.13 ex-vat £12.16 inc-vat
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